Tracking the Tropics: Hurricane Danielle poses no threat to the US


Hurricane Danielle continues to spin-up the waters out in the Northern Atlantic. Winds are expected to increase through the weekend and we could see Hurricane Danielle become a Category 2 this weekend. Luckily as we have repeated, this is a “fish storm” and will not be impacting land.

Aside from Danielle we are also continuing to monitor the disturbance east of the Leeward Islands. Conditions still look marginal for development and we could see another tropical depression in the coming days from this. Otherwise, the other disturbance off the coast of Africa is down to a 0% chance for development. 

We are approaching the peak of the season and although it has been a quiet one, it only takes one storm. Be sure you are prepared by counting on the NBC 2 First Alert Hurricane Tracking Team.


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