Tracking the Tropics: Hurricane Danielle strengthens as Tropical Storm Earl holds steady in strength


We are just six days away from the peak of hurricane season and no storms are threatening the U.S. right now. However, we could see our first major hurricane of the season by the end of the week.

Hurricane Danielle has strengthened through the evening and has winds speeds just shy of Category 2 (96-110mph). However, it may not reach that status because the hurricane is forecasted to track northeast and will soon enter cooler waters which will limit further intensification. For now it remains a Category 1 hurricane.

Although Danielle has been a “fish storm” and not impacting land, model plots are pointing at it down through road as a potential tropical cyclone running course for western Europe.

Earl remains a tropical storm and has has little changes in strength through the evening. Tropical Storm Earl is moving slowly towards the northwest. The system has caused heavy rain through the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Leeward Islands. It will continue to move away from the islands in the coming days.

Tropical Storm Earl is likely to hold on a northwesterly track and start to shift towards the northeast through the week. Latest data suggest that continued intensification is possible and Earl could become a major hurricane by the end of the week as it passes southeast of Bermuda.

Lastly, we are monitoring the eastern tropical Atlantic for a tropical wave expected to come off the coast of Africa in the coming days. This area has a low chance for development. The next name on the list is Fiona.

Be sure you are prepared by counting on the NBC 2 First Alert Hurricane Tracking Team. You can brush up on your tropical weather knowledge using our NBC2 online hurricane guide+ here!


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