Tracking the Tropics: Low chance for development in the eastern Atlantic


We continue to monitor the tropical wave moving off of the west coast of Africa. We have not seen big changes in development and will not likely see so in the next couple of days. The National Hurricane Center has the wave at a 0% chance of development in the next two days and a 20% in the next five days.

This area will struggle the next couple of days mainly due to very dry air to the north. This will push the wave pretty far south. As that wave emerges around the dry air, this is when we will have to watch closely for potential growth as it moves into a more favorable environment. This would take place in a little more than a week. There is also another potential wave that could follow behind it which will will continue to monitor closely 

Are you prepared for hurricane season? Even though this system won’t impact our area, now’s the time of year to get ready should a storm threaten us in the future.  Get caught up on your tropical weather knowledge here


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