Tracking the Tropics: Low development odds on two tropical waves


Though we are only a few weeks away from the average peak of hurricane season, there are only two areas of interest in the Atlantic basin. There is a tropical wave expected to emerge off the western coast of Africa in the coming days.

The biggest reason the tropical wave is expected to struggle to organize is a layer of dry dusty air surrounding the feature, helping to choke off supply of tropical moisture. Slow development will be possible this weekend. 

The other area of interest is located a few hundred miles east of the Windward Islands. There is a region of disorganized showers and thunderstorms that is worth watching. Once again, slow development may be possible near the weekend but chances for development remain low. 

It’s been 51 days since our last tropical storm in the Atlantic!  Late August and September are often busy times of year in the tropics, with the statistical peak of the season normally falling in early-to-mid September. 

Are you prepared for hurricane season? Now’s the time of year to get ready should a storm threaten us in the future.  Get caught up on your tropical weather knowledge here


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