Tree falls onto van with kids inside at daycare in North Fort Myers


NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. — A large tree has fallen onto a van with kids inside at Mis. Mary’s Daycare Inc. in North Fort Myers Tuesday morning.

The tree also fell on the “education building” in the back of the daycare.

Fortunately, nobody appears to have been injured, according to the North Fort Myers Fire Department.

Richard Allen was inside his car by the daycare when he watched the tree fall. He said he could hear people screaming when he pulled up.

“It was surreal to watch it just come down and bounce off the van,” said Allen.

After realizing children were inside the van, Allen said he quickly drove his car down the road to the fire station for help.

“By the time we got there, the children were evacuated and accountability was done so Mis. Mary’s staff did an excellent job taking care of the children,” said Christi Kulwicki with North Fort Myers Fire Control District.


Fire Officials said about 4 vehicles and one building in the back of the lot were damaged in the process. After the tree hit the cars, they believe it then broke off and hit the building.

“Luckily, it fell that way because there were kids all in that little play area (out front),” said Allen. “Cars are replaceable, people are not.”

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