Two baby squirrels in recovery after fall from nest


NAPLES, Fla. — Two Baby squirrels are in recovery after reportedly falling from their nest, according to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.

One of the babies hurt his toe when he fell from the nest. To prevent the loss of his toe, the baby is receiving a laser treatment on the laceration that will help with the swelling and healing process.

A gel ointment is applied to keep the wound clean and moist. Antibiotics are part of the treatment plan to prevent infection, as well.

Fortunately, the prognosis for the toe is looking great! Wildlife officials are hopeful for their release back into the wild when they are old enough to eat on their own.

Before being released, every animal goes through different types of treatment plans. Baby squirrels need “warm incubators, daily weigh-ins, specialized formula, and extra care,” reported the conservancy.


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