Two boats burglarized at Olde Naples Marina


NAPLES, Fla. – Over the weekend, two boats parked at Molly’s Marine Service were stripped of their expensive electronic equipment.

“We left on Friday as usual, the yard was empty, everything was picked up, we went on our way,” said Molly Strassel, owner of the facility on 10th Street South in Olde Naples. “Over the weekend, someone broke in, stole electronics off of two different vessels”

She has been working in the same location for almost 20 years. 

According to the Naples Police Department, an unknown person entered the property, scaled the two boats, and cut the electronics out.

“I know it was pieces of electronics, helm units and I believe Garmin but I’m not positive,” said Strassel.

The Naples Police Department is deeming this criminal investigation a grand theft, which means the total amount of goods stolen is at minimum valued at above $20,000.

“Basic electronics on a boat run about ten thousand dollars. That’s your GPS and your radio, and your tracking system and things like that,” said Marty Lewton, a charter captain for Island Sailing at the Naples City Dock.


Lewton tells NBC2 typically, the highest prices come from boats that are the newest and therefore have the newest tech.

“Molly’s is a locked area, so that’s a surprise to me,” said Lewton. “Also this is the wrong time of year for that to normally happen. Normally this takes place around the start of the season.”

If you have any information on this grand theft, please reach out to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. 

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