Veterans could start teaching in Florida schools under governor’s new plan


School is just weeks from starting in Southwest Florida and there is a chance your child’s new teacher may not have a teaching degree.

The state is facing a teacher shortage and Governor Ron DeSantis supports filling those vacancies with military veterans.

Under the governor’s plan, a veteran would be able to start teaching inside Florida schools; however, that is creating some concern among veterans, students and those in the teaching industry.

Many frustrated Florida teachers are taking to TikTok. One woman points out that the veterans do not need a college degree to teach children.

New state law does say they need to have served 4 years in the military and have 60 college credits and a 2.5 GPA to receive a 5 year teaching voucher.

Marine Veteran Thomas Presley has his associate degree and is working on his bachelor’s degree making him a prime candidate to become a teacher in Florida.

“It would be something I would consider. It’s a nice idea and a way for me to supplement income,” Presley said.


Some students though have concerns about the low bar Florida is setting.

A student on the campus of FSW in Fort Myers said she would want to know her teacher was educated in what was being taught.

The Charlotte County School District confirmed they have one applicant so far but like all other districts they do not have any guidance from the state on how to proceed.

Navy Veteran Michael Saam wants districts to make sure veterans haven’t been arrested or suffer from alcoholism or PTSD.

The state needs 9,000 teachers, about 200 of those positions in Lee County alone.

For that reason veteran Elaine Bethel believes the program could work.

“I believe that would be a great learning experience for both the veterans as well as the students,” Bethel explained.

Rumors circulating online state that spouses of veterans would also be able to teach inside the classroom. That’s not accurate. They would not be entitled to receive the five year teaching voucher.

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