WATCH: Wrong-way driver caught on camera driving on State Road 82 in Lehigh Acres


LEE COUNTY, Fla. — A scary moment for one Lehigh resident. She spotted a wrong-way driver coming toward her on her way to work Saturday along State Road 82 in Lehigh Acres.

Alexis Molnar captured the moment on her dash cam.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I’m like, “what in the world,” she said, referring to the exact moment the vehicle passed her.

She said she had just moved over to the slow lane moments before the car took her place in that same lane.

“I had just moved over to the slow lane about 15 seconds prior because the roundabout was coming up, and here I am driving, and all of the sudden, I see this car coming in the fast lane in the wrong direction,” Molnar said.

She said this is not the first time something like this has happened. 

“Just around town in Lehigh and in Fort Myers, just going down the road, and all of the sudden you see a car coming straight towards you, and you know you have to pull over out of your lane because they just keep on going,” Molnar said.


She posted her dash cam video to Facebook, and within a couple of hours, many were commenting that a similar situation had happened to them or someone they knew.

“I thought I was gonna die like. Actually, I was really scared,” said another resident Camila.

A wrong-way driver almost hit them on Treeline Avenue.

“It was raining too, but he was really drunk, and it was a three-way accident, yeah thank God I just skipped that,” she said

As for Molnar, she said many comments on the post are blaming bad driving on a new addition to Lehigh.

“I think somebody mentioned how the roundabout was the best idea they should’ve came up with,” she said.

For now, she encourages everyone to watch out anywhere they are driving.

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