Weather Blog: Don’t let the slow start to hurricane season fool you


Though the Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be above average this year, it’s been a rather slow start. We’ve had three named storms so far, but don’t let your guard down. History shows us that the majority of the season’s tropical activity is still to come. 

Roughly 90% of the activity in hurricane season happens after August 1. For hurricanes that have made landfall in Florida, only 11 percent made landfall in June or July. When it comes to Florida landfalls from major hurricanes, only 3 percent made landfall in the early season months. A major hurricane is category 3 strength or greater. 

The average peak of hurricane season is September 10th. We already saw minor tropical impacts this season from Potential Tropical Cyclone One in early June, which later became Tropical Storm Alex. 

Our return rate in southwest Florida is one of the lowest in the country. For direct impacts, which means landfall in our region from a hurricane, this happens once every 8.76 years. For landfall from a major hurricane, the return rate is once every 16.55 years. 

Despite the slow start, the tropics are already showing signs of ramping up. Stay prepared this hurricane season, and check out our free online hurricane guide here.


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