Weather Blog: Here’s how hot summers are expected to be in the U.S. by 2100


Global emissions are increasing, and because of this, our planet is warming. Based on projected emissions, some of our nation’s cities could be feeling like a different region within the next 100 years, according to Climate Central. 

Let’s start with our nation’s capital. Washington D.C. could be feeling like Austin, Texas, by 2100 based on current projected emissions. Populated places in the Midwest, like Chicago, could see an increase in the average summer high by over 9 degrees by 2100. This would make Chicago summers feel more like Montgomery, Alabama summers. 

According to Climate Central, 16 U.S. cities analyzed in the study had no comparable equivalent within the continent. For places like Phoenix, Arizona, the 2100 equivalent was thousands of miles away in Saudi Arabia. 

Closer to home, Miami is projected to feel like Ciego de Avila, the central portion of Cuba. Here in southwest Florida, we’ll see an increase in our average summer high by 6.2 degrees, which will feel more like summer in Harlingen, Texas. Our average highs in summer currently are in the low 90s. This projection would increase our average summer highs to the upper 90s, with many more days reaching the triple digits. This doesn’t factor in high humidity, which would make it feel even hotter. 

Out of over 200 cities analyzed, the city expected to warm the most is Mitchell, South Dakota, which is expected to see the average summer high temperature increase by 11.1 degrees. Mitchell summers would feel more like Wichita Falls, Texas summers by 2100. 

The good news is that if global emissions decrease, the rate of increase in average summer temperatures here in the U.S. would decrease as well. 


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