Weather Blog: Here’s how much daylight we’ll lose throughout August


Slowly, but surely, we are losing daylight. Southwest Florida loses about 45 minutes of daylight through August. During this time of year, the Northern Hemisphere is tilting farther away from the sun causing the daylight hours to shrink. By the end of the month, our sunsets will be before 8 p.m. and our sunrises will be after 7 a.m.

By the time we reach the autumnal equinox toward the end of September, we roughly see equal daylight and darkness. As the Northern Hemisphere continues to tilt away from the sun, we eventually only encounter 10 to 11 hours of daylight by December.

Despite our high temperatures and muggy conditions, our dwindling daylight hours is a good reminder that summer is slowly coming to an end. It will still take a long while for conditions to cool locally, however. Here in southwest Florida, our first cold front of the season typically doesn’t arrive until the end of October.

Despite the slow start, the tropics are already showing signs of ramping up. Stay prepared this hurricane season, and check out our free online hurricane guide here.


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