Weather Blog: Why have the tropics been so quiet?


Though this Atlantic hurricane season is projected to be above average, the tropics have been rather quiet for over a month. We are quickly approaching the average peak of hurricane season, which happens September 10, though we’ve only seen three named storms. So, why has the season seemingly come to a halt?

Though we need an initial weather disturbance to see a tropical development, the environment also has to be prime. Sea surface temperatures have to be at or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Though we have that factor, there also needs to be weak wind shear. For many weeks this summer, that has not been the case. Strong wind shear has created a hostile environment for areas of interest to organize. Additionally, large plumes of high concentrations of Saharan dust have suppressed tropical development as well.

Though the season has been a bit slow to start, don’t let your guard down. We still have a long way to go until the end of hurricane season.

Count on the NBC 2 Hurricane Tracking Team to keep you informed. Are you prepared for hurricane season? Read our online hurricane guide here to get caught up and ready for the season.


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