Wildlife facility owner questions officials after more than 200 animals were seized from property


NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. — More than 200 animals were seized by FWC in North Fort Myers, but it wasn’t your average animal farm.

Bad Attitude Everglades Exotics had all kinds of exotic animals, ranging from venomous snakes, crocodiles, and even some rare South American mammals. Now the owner is saying his priceless animals were taken without warning.

“I am absolutely devastated, my retired wildlife officer told me he’s never seen anything like this before,” said Carl Laquidera of Bad Attitude Everglades Exotics.

On Wednesday, Laquidera said he wasn’t even warned before FWC officers came to take his animals.

“So this woman has a vendetta against me, I don’t know what I did, but she despises me, never even met me before. How do you take someone’s animals without calling them or meeting them, and telling them there is a problem,” he said, referring to an FWC Officer on scene.

But FWC said they found multiple violations in how Laquidera was keeping his animals, which is why his permits are being revoked.

Those violations included unsanitary living conditions, improperly locked cages, and even cages that were too small. They also accused him of inhumane animal husbandry practices.


To call Laquidera’s collection “exotic” could be considered an understatement.

In their report, FWC officers documented many rare, deadly and potentially invasive species. Among them included animals like nile crocodiles, a monocled cobra, yellow anacondas, even primates and an African porcupine, to name a few.

“Its kind of sad to see Animals are either in this condition, or taken from an owner that actually is caring for them as well,” said Alex Link, a Reptile Handler from Cold Blooded Industries. “It’s a lot of time to get the permits, to do your hours in order to have your permits to legally have them, and the animals aren’t cheap some of these animals are thousands of dollars a piece for them to be taken without any concern.”

Laquidera said he has plans to fight the state in hopes of keeping his exotic permits and getting his animals back.

He said he’s hired Joe Viacava, a Fort Myers-based attorney.

We reached out to his office for comment, but did not hear back.

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