Wyatt Kistner has big shoes to fill as the new starting goalie for FGCU


FGCU’s new starting goalie, Wyatt Kistner, talked to me about his path to FGCU and his expectations for the team’s upcoming season.

Jaron May: When did you first get into soccer?

Kistner: I’ve been playing soccer since I was, since I could remember honestly my mom and dad made me play.

Jaron May: What was your favorite childhood memory in the sport of soccer?

Kistner: I won a state championship with my high school.

Jaron May: Why did you end up choosing FGCU?

Kistner: That’s actually a funny story. I’m from Virginia. It’s really cold up there and I hate the cold. I wanted to go to a beach school with good soccer. So I put in Google ‘good soccer beach school’ and FGCU was the first one that popped up.


Jaron May: You’re now in your third year here with the Eagles. How have you seen yourself grow throughout the seasons?

Kistner: I love my coaches. They’ve really helped me grow mentally stronger, and as a leader, and just as a person outside the field as well.

Jaron May: What have you learned from Gustavo [Vascocelos] now being one of your goalie coaches?

Kistner: Knowing that he was starting, it was a mental challenge for me to come in and know I’m not going to play, but still work my butt off every day. So with me working my butt off, I’m making him better. Now with him as my coach he instills the same values in me and all of our other goalkeepers.

Jaron May: What are the goals for this year?

Kistner: Definitely dominate the ASUN. We want to bring back the culture of FGCU. When you come here and play, it’s going to be hard. You’re gonna have to work for it.

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