Preparing for Pests After a Gulf Coast Hurricane


After a rainstorm, the last thing we want to deal with in our Central Florida homes is an influx of pests. Unfortunately, prolonged periods of heavy rains can cause certain pests to emerge, seek shelter, and cause damage to your home. To avoid a pest infestation after a rainstorm, it’s important to understand the prevention measures to put in place.

Prepare Before the Storm

If there’s news about an upcoming rainstorm or hurricane here in Florida, it’s a good idea to check both the outside and inside of your home for any potential problems that might attract pests. Look around for cracks, gaps, holes, or openings anywhere in your house and use a caulk with silicone to seal them up quickly. Also, make sure that your downspouts guide water away from your home’s foundation, not towards it. And don’t forget, keep your garbage and mulch a good distance away from your house to help keep pests at bay.

Remove Standing Water

Following a storm, your Florida property might end up with a lot of stagnant water around. Bugs like mosquitoes and roaches are drawn to extra moisture as a perfect habitat. To prevent a surge of these pests, make sure to eliminate all stagnant water from your property. Get rid of things that collect water, like buckets, old tires, and tarps. Also, take the time to clean out your gutters by removing debris and leaves. This way, you can keep the unwanted critters at bay.

Remove Spoiled Food

With storms comes the chance that power outages may occur. If these outages last for a while, your stored food could go bad. Pests, like flies and rodents, seek out rotten food to eat, making it crucial to remove it as soon as possible. Deposit any food that’s gone bad in a sealed trash bag outside of the house. Likewise, ensure that any discarded food outside is also picked up and thrown away.

Identify Water Damage

Rotting wood caused by water damage can attract destructive pests like termites, who will chew wood from the inside out. If these pests infest, they can cost millions of dollars in repairs. After a storm, inspect your home for any water damage that may have occurred. Remove any rotting debris, fix damaged pipes, and fill areas in your yard where water has pooled with dirt.

Inspect for Openings or Holes

Strong winds and heavy rain can cause serious damage to our Florida homes. Any openings that provide a way into your house basically rolls out the welcome mat for bigger pests like rats, mice, raccoons, and squirrels, as they try to find a haven. Once the storm passes, it’s crucial to check these vulnerable spots. Things like damaged roofs, siding, and soffits can create opportunities for these critters to get inside. If you spot any openings, grab some caulk or steel wool and seal them up tight.

Call a Professional

If you notice more pests than you can handle after a storm, it’s best to reach out to your local Central Florida pest control company. These professionals will inspect your property, identify the type of pest that’s infested, and recommend the best treatment and prevention plan.

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